Want Your Home This Clean?

Our Cleaning Services


We dust all furniture, including sides, legs, and bases.

We lift items and dust under them instead of dusting around them.


We vacuum all floors and carpets.

We do not move furniture, however we do use tools to get pet hair and built up dust from under heavy pieces.


Real mops! Not little Swiffers that just move the dirt around.

We bring in real mop heads and mop until your floors are clean. You will feel the difference when your bare feet hit the floor.

And The Rest!

Ceiling fans, light fixtures, baseboards and emptying trash are included in your pricing.

We consider fans, fixtures and baseboards "cleaning" so it shouldn't be an extra charge.

Little extras that we like to do:

Unloading dishwasher (if the cycle has completely ended before we leave)

Making beds (If clean sheets are left at the foot of the bed)

What Our Clients Say About Us

Make My Life Easier

Cleaning Makes Life Easier

" I love Gitche Clean!They make my life easier. Most importantly, I trust them to keep my four-legged babies safe while they make my house sparkle!"

-Leslie Sharp-

Anything I've Asked For, They Handle

They Handle All Cleaning

"We’ve tried many cleaning services over the years, Alana and her team are by far the best! We like to have our home cleaned once a month and a lot of services aren’t accommodating when it comes to that. Gitche Clean didn’t have a problem with scheduling monthly cleanings and I always know when they are coming thanks to their great customer service. Anything I have asked for they handle. They are efficient and thorough. I highly recommend their stellar cleaning services."

-Alysia Pearson-

Quick & Spectacular

Their Cleaning Is Quick

" A consistent and professional cleaner, they get the job done quickly and spectacularly."

-Jason and Kathryn Crowther-

Professional and Thorough

Their Cleaning Is Professional

"Gitche Clean always does a professional and thorough job cleaning our home, often going the extra mile to make sure our house is inviting as well as tidy after their visits. They are fast and efficient while doing a thorough job. They’ve remained our cleaning service through two newborns and two moves due to the terrific work that they do. "

-Cassie Wilcox-

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